Dallas Website Design, SEO and PPC marketing

C-Squared Internet Solutions provides Internet Marketing Services including: Responsive Website Design with Content Management systems; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); and Pay Per Click campaign management.

Responsive CMS Website Designs

Web Design

  • We only build Websites that have a CMS (Content Management System)
  • The Website design is responsive meaning it will auto adjust to fit on smart phones, tablets and laptop screens,
  • All of our Website Designs are made for conversion (Visitors to Customers)
  • The website designs are made with search engine friendly key components.
  • All of the website designs use 100% CSS (cascading style sheets) to give the site a consistent look throughout.
  • All website designs are responsive which means the site will adjust to the screen format including smart phones and tablets.
  • We have experience with multi-lingual website designs for businesses that have customers that use languages other than English.
  • We consult you on the build of your website Design and give you suggestions for what components can make your website a part of your business, not just an advertisement for it.
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