Good Title Tags are Critical For SEO

Why are title tags important to SEO. Title Tags are the first line of a search result. It is the line that Google uses to determine what you webpage is about. Google uses it to index your webpage to keywords/phrases in its search engine. Now you see why title tags are important. One thing we see when looking at keywords people use. It is very common for people to use title tags that contain the company name and page name.  While this sounds logical this is not what a person would type to find your business services.

Now you are probably asking, how do I write good Title tags for my webpage? There is no easy answer but your title tag should be formed based on the following:

  • It should contain key phrases that are aligned to your page.
  • Each title tag should be unique to the page.
  • The key phrases in the title tag should occur naturally in your content.
  • The key phrases should be words people would type into the search engines to find the topic of your page.

Title Tags are critical to your SEO, so take the time to do it right.