Tracking the leads from SEO.

Now you are getting traffic from your search engine optimization efforts, you need to understand how it is impacting your business. The best way to do this is to utilize a tool which tracks phone calls, purchases and form submission as a result of the SEO traffic.

One method you can use is to install an analytics code on your site like Google Analytics. This is great for looking at traffic trends and should be done but it will not track the calls and what keywords initiated the phone call. From a business owners perspective, it would be good to know what keywords to focus on for your ongoing SEO. Why spend time optimizing your site for words that are not generating leads.

There are lots of good companies who provide these types of services. To judge the best company, look at the reporting that is generated. This is the main factor that separates one company from another. Good SEO companies have partners that they work with who offer these services. Before you sign up with a SEO company, find out who they work with and what the tracking will look like.

Remember, to know how to measure the results of the hard earned money you spend on SEO, you need to track the leads that are generated from it.