Why Does Search Engine Marketing Make Sense?

When a business is putting together a marketing plan why should they allocate a significant part of the budget to search engine marketing? Well let’s take a look at all the ways we do marketing.

First there is print advertising. This is a good form of marketing as long as you know how your potential customers respond to printed materials. But the printed material has to hit the customer when they have a need. What are the odds of this happening? Most people don’t keep the printed material beyond their first encounter with it. Another problem is tracking the results. How do you know that the customer found you through the printed materials?

How about broadcasting advertising like radio and tv. If you can get past the large expense, you have the same issue as print in that the person has to receive the information when they have a need. Again you have the same problem with print advertising and tracking the results.
I look at these types of marketing as fishing in a large ocean but not knowing where the fish are biting.

Now let’s look at search engine marketing. Basically there are two ways to get found. Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Pay Per Click or PPC. Both forms of marketing are targeting your customers over all others because only people who are looking specifically for your goods or services will see your advertisement. It is like fishing in the large ocean but knowing exactly where to go to find the fish that are biting your bait. Now the best part of search marketing is that you can easily track the results since it directs people to your website. With tools like google analytics you can judge how well you are doing. Google analytics will report where your website traffic came from and how they got there and what key words triggered them to your website. It will also tell you where they went on your site and how long they stayed. By being able to track the results of the Search Engine Marketing, you can determine a ROI or return on investment.

No matter how you do Search Engine Marketing, SEO or PPC, you only market to people who are already looking for your goods or services and you can track the results and get the ROI on your advertising dollars.