Does your website design need a makeover?

Does your website design need a makeover?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Does your website design have a CMS or content management system?

A CMS allows you to login to your site and make small changes. If you have to call your Web Developer to update your website design every time you need a small update, Is it efficient never mind the cost? How long will it take when you have to first communicate with the Website Design Company and then wait for a response and finally they put you on their schedule?

Was the site built 5 years ago or more?

Website Design technology advances fast just like anything else. If you have an old website does it look like some of your competitors who have a more recent design. Does your site use CSS casquading style sheets? Cascading stylesheets provide a more consistent look to the site by keeping the fonts the same, colors the same and many other common parts of your website design. Was the site built with dreamweaver or mircrosoft extensions? If so you might not have some of the latest advances in web design.

The most important question is the website design SEO friendly?

Google, Yahoo and Bing are always updating their search engines. To get ranked they are looking at certain things related to the website design. See my other blog posts for details. But it is likely that if your site is 5 years or older it may not have a search engine friendly layout. Speaking of blog posts. If you don’t have a blog then you are missing out on a great opportunity to boost your Search engine rankings.

Finally, is your website focused on your customer or focused on you?

The days of having a online business card or sales sheet are over. When a visitor goes to your site they are looking for their needs to be met. If you do not meet those needs then they will go to your competitors site. You have just 19 seconds to capture your visitors attention, so you need the website design to focus on them.

Is your website design left justified?

If your website design is on the left side of the browser then it is left justified. Almost all new website designs are center justified.

Your website design is how your customers are deciding whether or not to do business with you. You should treat it as a part of your business. Don’t allow it to be outdated.