Social Media Marketing or traditional search Engine Optimization for Business

A lot of businesses are struggling with weather to go with the hot new trend in Social Media marketing or the traditional search engine optimization and pay per click. Let’s take a look at the two methods and see what advantages they may have. Let me state this both methods are very effective in getting in front of your clients and on top of the search engines.

Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Marketing is just like traditional Networking. You engage the audience with a social relationship first and then once they are sold on you then the next step is to introduce your products and services. Here is the catch; you have to engage with the customer regularly through social networking sites, a blog or writing valuable content. This means the business must be and stay engaged by constantly providing the audience with new and engaging information. What this means is that someone within the company has to manage and be engaged at all times. This means more work from the business itself. There are lots of outside companies that will provide this as a service but your customer base could recognize that the content is not from you as the business and be turned off by that. Remember that the Social in Social Media is just that, it needs to be social. Social means engaging with the client. If your company is one that engages with the customers anyway, then this is a good choice for your business? Some businesses like services that require a relationship would do well. On the other hand a business, that sale a onetime good or service to its customer base may not be a good fit.

Search Engine Optimization

Traditional Search Engine Marketing is designed to capture the audience that is already searching for your goods or services. This is effective for the business that has a service or goods that are easy to define and don’t typically require a lot of convincing or trust to buy. Very little interaction is needed by the business and all of the information comes from the website. But you have to be very transparent on your website by making all of the information the customer needs to make a decision in an easy to see location on your site. The only way to get recognized by the search engines is to create content that is more relevant for your business than you competitor has. The Search engines are looking for relevant content that is related to the words people use to search. A business type that is rarely searched for would not make a good fit for Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click.

The bottom line is there is no one size fits all. Not all business will benefit from either form of Marketing. The best thing to do is to find a internet marketing consultant who has experience with both to get a fair assessment on what will work best based on your business model and your services.