Website Conversion, turning visitors into customers

In todays Internet Marketing circles, one key component is overlooked.

Will my website convert visitors to customers?

If you don’t have some of these key components on your website, then you may not convert visitors well.

The most important element is to address the visitors needs. When the visior finds your site, they went there for a reason. They are looking for something specific. Perhaps they need a service like air-conditioning repair, plumbing repair, or electicity service. Maybe they need a product like soccar balls, air conditioning filters, or DVD’s. If the page they land on when going to your site does not address this need then they will go back to the search engines and find another site that does, maybe a competitior. Take a look at my site to see an example. Notice on the home page I highlight clearly what services I offer, PPC, SEO, Web Design etc. It is obvious to the visitor.

The 2nd important element for website conversion is a call to action. If the person is looking for soccer balls, then a buy now button that lnks to the soccer ball page is a call to action. The purpose of your site should be to direct your visitor to take a specific action that converts the visitor to a customer. Again, take a look at my site and notice that I ask the visitor to get a free consultation for my services.

Finally, you should provide the visitor with credibility. They need a reason to choose you over your competitors. Some examples are customer testimonials, your phone number, location of the business, and any professional associations or certifications.

Although this sounds very intuitive, how many websites have you visited where some or many of these elements are missing. How frustrating is it to go to a website and not be able to find contact information easilly. Or going to a site and not seeing details on the services they offer. Your website should be treated like a GPS, map or funnel to get the visitor to the final destination that converts them to a customer. Too many websites are focused on the business and not the visitor or customer.