Why do you need a responsive Website Design

What is a responsive website design? Well first and foremost it is a website design that adjusts to the format it is displayed on. What do I mean by that? Well when your site is pulled up on a cell phone the content looks similar to the content on the PC but it is shuffled around to fit on the phone so Responsive website design building blocks exampleyou don’t have to zoom in to read the content. Another way to look at it, is the content on your web page is like building blocks that can be moved around to fit the screen you are on. The advantages of this are that you only have to update a single version of your website and not additional mobile sites.

Why should I care if my site is mobile friendly.

  • Well the trends are that more people are using there cell phones or tablets to go online looking for a product.
  • If more people are searching on their phones for products or services, how likely are they going to select the sites that are easy to read and are mobile friendly over the site that requires you to zoom in to read and or select links.
  • Google is already sending notices to me informing me that my customers with older sites are being impacted by search results because their sites are not mobile friendly.

I don’t know about you but I get frustrated with sites that are not responsive website designs because I have to zoom in to interact and likely to click the wrong links when I do. Lots of Website designers are building separate mobile sites for their clients. This is problematic in two ways. First it requires the content to be updated on 2 separate places. Second, what about the screens that are in between the phone and desktop, like tablets. The responsive website design overcomes both of these. My advice is to find a Website company who only builds sites with responsive designs.