Picking the right website developer

Website design companyThere are so many options out there for building a website. Do it yourself sites, your friends nephew, expensive top of the line marketing agencies. To answer the question what is the right website developer for me?

You need to answer what part does your website play in your business? Most customers will visit your website before making a decision to do business with you. If you want to look like a top business in your field, your website must reflect that. If that is the case than a professional website developer might be a better option. As a business owner are you going to pick a office location that is cheap or one that reflects the quality of your business. If so, then why would you go the cheap route in building your website?

The 2nd question you need to answer is do you want your customers to find your business when they are searching online for the services or products you provide. If the answer is yes, then you should pick a website developer who understands what the search engines are looking for in a website design. Search engines like Google, grades website quality on the structure and content of the website. You website developer must know and understand these requirements.

The 3rd question you have to answer; Does the web developer build websites that look good on any type of computer used to pull it up, be it a laptop, desktop, pad or smartphone. Website developers refer to this as a responsive design. More and more users are going online on tablets and smartphones and your site needs to look good on all screen formats. Visitors will pass by your website if they have to zoom or have problems selecting your page links.

The last question you should ask yourself is; Does the website developer provide a technology with a CMS (content management system). What is that? Well if you want to be able to make small updates to your site internally, The CMS provides a simple editor that allows anyone who does not know HTML code the capability of updating.

The most important thing to remember is you need to view the website as a part of your business. It will reflect on your company and more and more people are looking online for the products and services they will use even if they plan on visiting the business in person