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Why choose Us for your Web Design

Before your business can take full advantage of the Internet, you need to establish a presence online. This is the first step in our ABCs of Internet Marketing Success.

When it comes to delivering Website Design, affordability and efficiency are two important concerns for us because they’re important to our clients. That’s why we use cutting edge technology to design affordable marketing-oriented websites that need no technical staff to maintain, that generate revenue during all hours of the day and are easily found by consumers within our clients’ target markets.

How does the latest technology save you money?

Seeing increasing demand for business-focused websites that could be deployed quickly, without sacrificing quality or features, we’ve invested significantly in advanced Modular Development Technology™ (MDT). Through extensive customer research we identified which features the majority of all businesses need for an effective website design. We then built an entire library of those components in advance so they’re ready to go when needed. Using MDT, we can quickly develop a wide variety of website solutions using any combination of these features.  Less production time means less cost to our clients.

When you work with our Internet Marketing Consultants, the specific needs of your business are assessed and then a website design is built to include only those features that would benefit your business. You pay only for the features you actually need, not for a “one-size-fits-all” solution (that really doesn’t). And best of all, our website design is easy to use and maintain. Your Internet Marketing Consultant will explain how your website design works, how each component benefits your business, and will even make changes for you as required, because you are in charge of your business.

A well-designed website is crucial to enhancing your brand image by making a small business look bigger, building consumer confidence and increasing their willingness to buy. Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer seeking a venue for an online catalog, a professional service provider wanting to explain the benefits of your services, or a retailer searching for a new revenue stream, your Internet Marketing Consultant can deliver the right affordable website design to put your business in front of more qualified customers from your target market on the Web.

Fill out our online form today for a free consultation and your new e-Business can be online within a matter of weeks (or less!)

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Web designs with a Content Management System

What is a CMS and why do I need one? If you need to correct a typo on your website and you have to go to your Website design company to make the change. This can be frustrating because the Website Design company may not be able to address your change immediately and most companies charge a minimum of one hour for the change even though it only takes a few minutes. With a CMS, you can make these minor changes your self.

CMS - Content Management System

The editor takes normal test and images and translates the input to HTML code in the background. If you can use normal programs like Microsoft word, the you can mak small changes to your own web design.

Most other website design functions work in a similar fashion. For example if you have a shopping cart the website owner can easily add delete and modify the e-commerce shopping cart.. As you add change products to your website you won’t have to wait for a web design company to update the E-commerce shopping cart.

Responsive Website Designs

What is a responsive Website Design? Basically the design adjusts to fit the format of the medium that the website is pulled up on. Whether it be a smart phone tablet or PC, the responsive website design will adjust to fit the format delivering the content in the most efficient manner so the viewing of the content is not degraded. Google now factors in mobile friendly designs as a major factor in ranking your website on their mobile search. More than 50% of your customers will view your site from a smart phone today.

Responsive Website Design

Website Design FAQ

    • A website that I can change myself
    • SEO friendly web design.
    • Website can be upgraded in the future because it is based on Dot Net Nuke open source technology.
    • Modular based web design, so functionality can be added without a redesign.
    • Built on top of a database, so a database comes with the website.
    • Our base cost is $150/page.
    • We charge for any graphical creation at $75/hour.
    • Hosting and Domain will be paid by the customer and setup by us.
  • We are a internet marketing company, so we do web designs that are intended to be used as a marketing tool. This means we are trying to make the website a part of your business. We design our websites to meet your business goals. The website should be a business asset.

  • People like to visit a website that is focused on them and not the company. The visitor needs to be able to solve the problem that they went on-line to solve. The visitor wants a web design that is easy to navigate and does not require a lot of drill down to find information. The visitor also needs credibility from the web design. Make it easy for the visitor to find your contact information.

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