PPC – Pay Per Click

What is pay per click (PPC)?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a form of internet marketing that drives targeted leads to your online business from search engines like Google.  PPC advertising involves creating and placing ads in prominent positions on search engine results pages. Potential customers see your ad when they type a keyword or phrase related to your business into a search engine. PPC advertising offers an effective way to reach your potential customers at the moment they are really looking for your products and services.

Benefits of Pay per click

  • You can target specific areas where you want your ads to appear
  • Pay per click is cost effective ΓÇô you decide your own budget
  • PPC has the potential to bring results in a very short space of time
  • Pay per click campaigns are effective for increasing brand awareness
  • Campaign flexibility – A PPC campaign is easy to measure, adapt or fine-tune

When your potential clients look at your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads or website does it motivate them enough to contact you or make a purchase on your website? Remember, getting prospects to your website is half the battle. Let us help you with cost effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising solutions for your business. Get Started, Contact us now!

Campaign Management benefits

We take a unique approach to PPC Management by offering numerous ways to optimize your campaigns. We can help maximize a PPC campaign through;

  • Regular keyword bid adjustments
  • Sale / Lead conversion tracking analysis
  • Conversion improvement recommendations
  • Phone support
  • Weekly or monthly performance reporting
  • Analysis on keywords
  • Day-parting strategies
  • Use of KPIs to set bidding rules
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reports tailored to your business
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Reduction of click fraud

Pay per click advertising can be costly if not done properly so make sure your PPC campaigns are in good hands. Let us help you with the management of your Google pay per click campaigns. Contact us now!

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

The Internet is becoming increasingly more localized… meaning customers are now searching for products and services in their own geographic location. Our Local Ad Works pay per click (PPC) platform leverages this trend by working directly with Google, Yahoo! and the online Yellow Pages to display your online ad directly to your local customers. Running a national campaign? Even easier!

Search engines are often the first place customers visit to begin their research. pay per click (PPC) is still the only guaranteed method to achieve top rankings. It is true pay for performance. If no one clicks on your ad and goes to your website… you don’t pay anything.

PPC (Google Adwords}

We manage everything! We write the ads… we select the best key words… we do the keyword bidding for you!

We report everything! Through your password protected online interface we report every dollar spent… every visitor to your website… every phone call, email, online form submitted or coupon printed that is a direct result of the pay per click (PPC) campaign that we are managing for you. We can even record the phone calls with every customer we send to you!

You set the budget! Your budget is a critical ingredient in determining the success of your campaign. We will work with you to determine the optimal budget for your particular needs.

Don’t have a website? We will even offer you a one-page landing site especially designed to turn clicks into calls!

Want to learn more? View the online demo and then contact us for a personal consultation!

This 5-minute video overview explains how we can take the complexity out of local Internet Advertising.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Frequently Asked Questions

  • The short answer is no. The long answer is we will bid to the highest PPC page position based on the budget and what position generates leads.

  • We look at the business type and determine the budget based on historical click costs for the keywords related to that business type. Then we calculate clicks per month times the number of clicks that can be expected for the geographical area the customer wants to advertise to.  The greater the area the more clicks that can occur the greater the budget. We also calculate the amount based on all of the major search engines. The pay per campaign budget is then recommended to the client but ultimately you have to decide.

  • We spend time looking at the keywords that have generated Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic related to your business and present the data to you. You then will choose the keywords.

  • Our pay per click (PPC) campaign management system optimizes the bidding based on what keywords generate leads. The other factor which determines the bid amount is the budget.

  • We have a computer based pay per click (PPC) campaign management program but we will monitor the results and report them to you with recommendations for changes that boost leads. The setup fee is for keyword research, ad generation and pay per click campaign setup.

  • We charge a one time setup fee of $300 and $100 dollars per month for pay per click (PPC) campaign management. The budget is paid by the customer. See campaign budget question.

  • The simple answer is the tracking of the results. A good Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management company will give you statistical data and make adjustments based on that data. Most companies that do it themselves set it up and let it go. Why pay for clicks that don’t generate leads.

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